New – 3 Bandpass Filter Banks

New – 1 GHz, 2 GHz, and 3 GHz Bandpass Filters Atlanta Micro introduces 3 passive bandpass filters implemented on chip that provide low loss and high rejection in miniature packages. These filters are useful as an IF filter in any RF system for image, LO, and spur rejection. All 3 are AC coupled and matched to 50 ohms and operate over the -40C to +100C temperature range. AM3056; 1 GHz...continue reading.

New – Broadband Gain Equalizing Amplifier

Atlanta Micro announces the product release of a Slope Correcting Gain Block Amplifier: AM1110; a new wideband gain equalizing amplifier servicing the 2 to 18 GHz frequency range, part number AM1110.  The device has low gain at the lower frequencies increasing to moderate gain at higher frequencies.  The increasing gain across frequency makes the AM1110 an ideal solution...continue reading.

New – 3 Miniature Filter Banks

Atlanta Micro announces the product release of three new miniature filter banks: AM3186; 6 to 26.5 GHz, Sub-Octave Fixed Bandpass Filter BankOffers low insertion loss and high out of band rejection, the filter bank contains 5 bandpass filters with full 1 GHz overlap as well as an integrated, low-loss filter bypass path to 20 GHz. While packaged in a 5mm QFN package and operates over the -40C...continue reading.

New – Connectorized Amplifier Modules to 22 GHz

Atlanta Micro announces the product release of new connectorized amplifier modules: AM1070-M; 1 MHz – 18 GHz 12 dB Gain, 0.2W (High OIP3)AM1071-M; 1 MHz – 18 GHz 12 dB Gain, 0.35W (High OIP3)AM1102-M; 1 MHz – 22 GHz 14 dB Gain, 0.16W (Low Noise Amplifier) These amplifier modules exhibit excellent gain stability over the temperature range -40C to +85C and excellent gain flatness...continue reading.

New – Connectorized SPDT Switch Modules to 26.5 GHz

Atlanta Micro announces the product release of new connectorized SPDT switch modules: AM6002A-M, 160 kHz – 14 GHz, ReflectiveAM6012-M, 160 kHz – 18 GHz, ReflectiveAM6016-M, 160 kHz– 26.5 GHz, ReflectiveAM6031-M, 160 kHz – 20 GHz, Non-Reflective All switch modules provide low insertion loss, flat frequency response, high isolation, and operate from a +3.3V to +5.0V supply with...continue reading.

New – High Frequency Low Loss Switches to 26.5 GHz

Atlanta Micro is pleased to announce 4 new products to their line of switches with support up to 26.5 GHz useful in a wide range of wireless applications. Each of these new devices are packaged in a 3mm QFN. These devices operate from a single positive voltage supply and a single positive voltage control to switch between a low loss thru path or a high isolation state. Offering internal 50Ω...continue reading.

New – 20 MHz to 550 MHz Tunable Filters

Atlanta Micro is pleased to announce two new products to our digitally tunable filter catalog. With operation from 20 MHz to 550 MHz, internal 50Ω matching, low loss, and an operating temperature range of -40C to +85C these new filters make a great addition to any RF system. Atlanta Micro is introducing the AM3150 which is a digitally tunable low pass filter bank offering 32 discrete filter...continue reading.

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