Atlanta Micro’s switch products are designed for low insertion loss, flat frequency response, high isolation, and large signal handling capabilities across a broad frequency range. The products operate from standard power supply voltages and provide simple control interfaces without the use of negative voltage generators that can cause unwanted spurious products.

Offering switches with operation to 26.5 GHz, operation from -40C to +85C, high linearity, fast switching speed, and low current draw Atlanta Micro switches are useful in a wide range of wireless applications including but not limited to low power transmit/receive applications.

By designing their own switches Atlanta Micro is able to provide incredible space savings for it’s customers by combining it’s switch products with other useful Atlanta Micro products such as filters, amplifiers, or step attenuators into multi-chip module ICs with smaller footprints than their discrete components. Contact us today for more information about how you can save space by combining Atlanta Micro products.

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