Atlanta Micro’s switch products are designed for low insertion loss, flat frequency response and large signal handling capabilities across a broad frequency range. The products operate from standard power supply voltages and provide simple control interfaces.

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Part Number FunctionFreq. (GHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Isolation (dB)IIP3 (dBm)Supply (+V)Supply (mA)ControlPackage Add to Quote
AM6002A SPDTDC - 142303650.533mm QFN Add To Quote
AM6011 SP8TDC - 10125405934mm QFN Add To Quote
AM6012 SPDTDC - 18130455133mm QFN Add To Quote
AM6015 SP6TDC - 18236405954mm QFN Add To Quote
AM6017 SP4TDC - 26.5230415854mm QFN Add To Quote

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