About Atlanta Micro

Atlanta Micro designs and produces high performance RF and microwave products for demanding applications and environments. We are focused on providing best‑in‑class broadband RF solutions meeting stringent specifications while offering reduced size, weight and power consumption necessary for portable and low power platforms. Atlanta Micro emphasizes a strong commitment to our customers and we strive to simplify system design with innovative products and readily accessible product information and technical support.


New – Miniature Power and Control Line Filter

Atlanta Micro is pleased to announce a new product line of miniature power and control line filters named the AM35 that will be available first quarter of this year (2019). The AM35 provides 6 filters in a tiny 1.5mm x 3mm package for filtering spurious signals on power and control lines of amplifiers, step attenuators, tunable filters, and switches. The AM35 provides 50dB of rejection up to 40...continue reading.

New – Switched Notch Filter Bank Covering 1.0 GHz to 6.0 GHz

Atlanta Micro is pleased to announce a new product line of analog tunable notch filters that will become available the first quarter of next year (2019). These analog tunable notch filters provide two separately tunable voltage lines to provide precise control of center frequency and notch bandwidth. These analog tunable notches can provide anywhere between 25 dB and 50 dB of rejection which make...continue reading.

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