About Atlanta Micro

Atlanta Micro, Inc was founded in 2011 with the purpose of designing and manufacturing high performance RF and Microwave products for demanding customer applications and environments.  The company is based in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, just north of Atlanta.  Our executives possess over 40 years of experience designing state‑of‑the‑art components, receivers, transceivers and systems for the military, government agencies and the test equipment community.  Atlanta Micro is focused on providing best‑in‑class broadband RF solutions meeting stringent specifications while offering reduced size, weight and power consumption necessary for portable and low power platforms.  Our products are designed to meet customer needs that have been identified through our extensive experience.

Atlanta Micro emphasizes a strong commitment to our customers and we strive to simplify system design with innovative products and readily accessible product information and technical support.  Our products are designed with integrated functions and simplified interfaces while providing high performance.  Easy access to product data, evaluation units, technical support and product ordering is all available through our intuitive company web site.


New – Broadband Amplifiers – AM1100 & AM1109

New - 2 to 26.5 GHz Broadband LNA AM1100 is a broadband cascadable low noise amplifier covering the 2 GHz to 26.5 GHz frequency range. It is a low SWaP device drawing less than 100mW of power and is packaged in a 3mm QFN with integrated DC blocking capacitors and internal 50Ω matching. The device’s low noise figure and wideband operation make it an excellent choice for many broadband...continue reading.

New – Cascadable Amplifiers – AM1099 & AM1127

New - 26 to 32 GHz Gain Block Amplifier AM1099 is a high frequency, cascadable amplifier servicing the 26 to 32 GHz frequency range. The device provides moderate gain and noise figure which makes the AM1099 a useful component for applications such as 5G wireless and Ka-band satcom. Packaged in a 3mm QFN with internal 50Ω matching, the AM1099 represents a compact total PCB...continue reading.

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