New – 3 Bandpass Filter Banks

New – 1 GHz, 2 GHz, and 3 GHz Bandpass Filters

Atlanta Micro introduces 3 passive bandpass filters implemented on chip that provide low loss and high rejection in miniature packages. These filters are useful as an IF filter in any RF system for image, LO, and spur rejection. All 3 are AC coupled and matched to 50 ohms and operate over the -40C to +100C temperature range.

  • AM3056; 1 GHz center frequency, 500 MHz bandwidth, 5mm QFN
  • AM3055; 2 GHz center frequency, 1 GHz bandwidth, 5mm QFN
  • AM3188; 3 GHz center frequency, 1 GHz bandwidth, 4mm QFN

Atlanta Micro