AM3060 is a miniature digitally tunable filter bank covering the 320 MHz to 6500 MHz frequency range with adjustable bandwidth in a 12.5 x 12.5 mm package. The device provides a bypassable amplifier stage and ports for a filter bypass path. AM3060 is an excellent front-end for a broadband receiver or transceiver providing the ultimate flexibility of center frequency and bandwidth adjustment.

The AM3060 can be combined with any one of Atlanta Micro’s filters to create a robust filtering solution with use of the filter bypass path. If you desire additional control in the 100 MHz to 450 MHz frequency range then Atlanta Micro recommends connecting the AM3090 to the filter bypass path for a total package offering 100 MHz to 6500 MHz bandpass tuning.


The AM3060 is also available as a RF-shielded module with dimensions 2.10″ x 2.10″ x 0.65″. With field-replaceable SMA connectors, control over USB, and power via USB or via an external pin the AM3060-M is ideally suited for lab use, receiver protection, and a variety of EMI reduction applications.


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ECCN: 3A001.b.5, Harmonized Code: 8525.50.7050

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FunctionCutoff Freq Low (MHz)Cutoff Freq High (MHz)Center Frequency# in PackBandwidth Low (MHz)Bandwidth High (MHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Typical Rejection (dB)Package
Digitally Tunable Bandpass3206500400 to 55003 + Bypass180400046012.5mm QFN

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