AM3025A is a miniature filter bank with 7 sub-octave filters covering the 400 MHz to 6000 MHz frequency range with full 80 MHz overlap in a 9mm QFN package. The device provides ports for a filter bypass path and supports both transmit and receive applications. AM3025A is an excellent front-end/ back-end for a broadband receiver, transmitter or transceiver requiring high dynamic range and small size, weight and power consumption (low SWAP).

The AM3025A is also available as a RF-shielded module with dimensions 1.85″ x 1.85″ x 0.65″. With field-replaceable SMA connectors and power/control over USB, the AM3025A-M is ideally suited for lab use, receiver protection, and a variety of EMI reduction applications.


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ECCN: 3A001.b.5, Harmonized Code: 8525.50.7050

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FunctionCutoff Freq Low (MHz)Cutoff Freq High (MHz)Center Freq High (MHz)Center Freq Low (MHz)Center Frequency# in PackBandwidth Low (MHz)Bandwidth High (MHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Typical Rejection (dB)Package
Switched Sub-octave Filter Bank40060004900500500 to 49007 + Bypass23022006409mm QFN

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