Atlanta Micro’s filter product line consists of digitally tunable, analog voltage tunable, and switched sub-octave filters covering 2 MHz to 26.5 GHz while offering low SWAP for applications tight on space and power.

The digitally tunable filters are available in 4mm QFN lowpass and highpass configurations that can be used stand alone or combined together to form flexible, discretely stepped bandpass filters requiring no calibration or large analog voltages. These are also offered packaged together as discretely stepped bandpass filters with huge space savings and increased ease of use coming in either 4mm x 6mm QFNs for single bandpass filters or in 6mm QFNs for dual bandpass filter banks.

The analog voltage tunable filters are available in a 5mm QFN offering two bandpass filters that can be used individually or combined with a switch to form a switched filter bank. These analog voltage tunable bandpass filters provide the ultimate flexibility in center frequency and bandwidth control by allowing full control of both the high frequency corner and low frequency corner. A full 2.0 GHz to 18.0 GHz switched filter bank is also available in a 10mm package providing small size, weight, power consumption, and a flexible bandpass filter solution for broadband filtering applications.

The switched sub-octave filter banks offer features such as a bypassable amplifier and provide an excellent front-end/ back-end for a broadband receiver, transmitter or transceiver requiring high dynamic range and small size, weight and power consumption.

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EMI Filters

Part Number FunctionCutoff Freq Low (MHz)Bandwidth Low (MHz)Typical Rejection (dB)Package Add to Quote
AM35 EMI Filter Bank30040 GHz501.5mm x 3mm DFN Add To Quote

Lowpass Filters

Part Number FunctionCutoff Freq Low (MHz)Cutoff Freq High (MHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Typical Rejection (dB)Package Add to Quote
AM3029 Digitally Tunable Lowpass150030001504mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3030 Digitally Tunable Lowpass350065001454mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3034 Digitally Tunable Lowpass1504501404mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3035 Digitally Tunable Lowpass50012001404mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3039 Digitally Tunable Lowpass9000180001504mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3107 Digitally Tunable Lowpass6000120002454mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3110 Digitally Tunable Lowpass18000265002.5404mm QFN Add To Quote

Highpass Filters

Part Number FunctionCutoff Freq Low (MHz)Cutoff Freq High (MHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Typical Rejection (dB)Package Add to Quote
AM3031 Digitally Tunable Highpass100018001504mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3032 Digitally Tunable Highpass250045001504mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3033 Digitally Tunable Highpass1002251504mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3036 Digitally Tunable Highpass3307001504mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3041 Digitally Tunable Highpass6000100001504mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3108 Digitally Tunable Highpass12000180005504mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3109 Digitally Tunable Highpass18000265007404mm QFN Add To Quote

Bandpass Filters

Part Number FunctionCutoff Freq Low (MHz)Cutoff Freq High (MHz)Bandwidth Low (MHz)Bandwidth High (MHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Typical Rejection (dB)Package Add to Quote
AM3023B Switched Sub-octave Filter Bank w/ Bypassable Amplifier100600060220074020.5 x 20.5 x 3.30mm Add To Quote
AM3023B-M Switched Sub-Octave Filter Bank with Bypassable Amplifer Module10060006022007402.1" x 2.1" x 0.65" RF Shielded Module Add To Quote
AM3024B Switched Sub-octave Filter Bank w/ Bypassable Amplifier1006000602200107020.5 x 19.0 x 4.0mm Add To Quote
AM3025A Switched Sub-octave Filter Bank400600023022006409mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3025A-M Switched Sub-Octave Filter Bank Module400600023022006401.85" x 1.85" x 0.65" RF Shielded Module Add To Quote
AM3043 Digitally Tunable Bandpass650017000020006353mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3045 Digitally Tunable Bandpass30006000010001404mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3060 Digitally Tunable Bandpass3206500180400046012.5mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3060-M Digitally Tunable Bandpass Module320650018040004602.1" x 2.1" x 0.65" RF Shielded Module Add To Quote
AM3063 Digitally Tunable Filter Bank600018000AdjustableAdjustable4406mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3064 Digitally Tunable Filter Bank10006500AdjustableAdjustable3506mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3065 Digitally Tunable Bandpass600012000AdjustableAdjustable4404x6mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3066 Digitally Tunable Filter Bank1200026500AdjustableAdjustable5406mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3089 Analog Tunable Switched Filter Bank200018000Analog AdjustableAnalog Adjustable84010mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3090 Digitally Tunable Bandpass100450AdjustableAdjustable3404x8mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3102 Digitally Tunable Bandpass3301200AdjustableAdjustable2.5404x6mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3103 Digitally Tunable Bandpass10003000AdjustableAdjustable3404x6mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3104 Digitally Tunable Bandpass25006500AdjustableAdjustable2.5404x6mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3134 Tunable Filter Bank20004500Analog AdjustableAnalog Adjustable9505mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3135 Tunable Filter Bank35009000Analog AdjustableAnalog Adjustable9505mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3136 Tunable Filter Bank800019000Analog AdjustableAnalog Adjustable9505mm QFN Add To Quote

Band Stop Filters

Part Number FunctionCenter Freq High (MHz)Center Freq Low (MHz)Bandwidth Low (MHz)Bandwidth High (MHz)Insertion Loss (dB)Typical Rejection (dB)Package Add to Quote
AM3137 Analog Tunable Notch Filter Bank200070020%2304mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3138 Analog Tunable Notch Filter Bank3250130020%2.3354mm QFN Add To Quote
AM3139 Analog Tunable Notch Filter Bank6000250020%2.3404mm QFN Add To Quote

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