The AM1075 is a high dynamic range bypassable amplifier covering the 5 GHz to 26.5 GHz frequency range. The device provides high gain and low bypass insertion loss and is capable of producing a +15 dBm output power with a single +3.3V supply. Packaged in a 4mm QFN with internal 50Ω matching and requiring a single positive control voltage, the AM1075 represents a dramatic size reduction over a discrete implementation of a bypassable amplifier.

The AM1075 is part of Atlanta Micro’s catalog of bypassable amplifiers ranging from DC to 26.5 GHz. In this family there is the AM1065 that covers DC to 8 GHz with high gain, the AM1081 that covers DC to 8 GHz with high P1dB and IP3, and the AM1067 that covers 5 GHz to 20 GHz. In addition to these the AM1073 offers bi-directional performance while still being bypassable covering DC to 8 GHz and the AM1077 offers a bypassable amplifier with an isolation state covering 5 GHz to 20 GHz.


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FunctionFreq. (GHz)Gain (dB)NF (dB)OIP3 (dBm)P1dB (dBm)Supply (+V)Supply (mA)Surface MountModule
Bypassable Gain Block5 - 26.518424143.3824mm QFNNo

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