New – Switched Notch Filter Bank Covering 1.0 GHz to 6.0 GHz

Atlanta Micro is pleased to announce a new product line of analog tunable notch filters that will become available the second quarter of next year (2019). These analog tunable notch filters provide two separately tunable voltage lines to provide precise control of center frequency and notch bandwidth. These analog tunable notches can provide anywhere between 25 dB and 50 dB of rejection which make for a robust filtering solution to get rid of unwanted signals. With internal 50Ω matching and an operating temperature range of -40C to +85C these new parts are a great addition to any RF system.

Atlanta Micro is offering six tunable notch filters covering 550 MHz to 1700 MHz, 800 MHz to 2000 MHz, 1150 MHz to 2700 MHz, 1700 MHz to 3500 MHz, 2200 MHz to 4800 MHz, and 2950 MHz to 6300 MHz. These filters will be offered in a switched filter bank solution named the AM3129 in a 9mm package or in pairs as standalone filters in a 4mm package as the AM3137, AM3138, and AM3139. The AM3129 will offer two bypass paths in addition to the 6 notch bands and will operate at +3.3V or +5.0V with tuning voltages from 0.0V to +6.0V.

Tunable Notch Demo:

*Notches can be sold individually upon request in smaller overmold packages.

Atlanta Micro