New – Miniature Power and Control Line Filter

Atlanta Micro is pleased to announce a new product line of miniature power and control line filters named the AM35 that will be available second quarter of this year (2019). The AM35 provides 6 filters in a tiny 1.5mm x 3mm package for filtering spurious signals on power and control lines of amplifiers, step attenuators, tunable filters, and switches. The AM35 provides 50dB of rejection up to 40 GHz and 30dB of rejection from 40 GHz to 50 GHz. The part can handle 15V and operates from -40C to +85C making it quite a robust solution to your control line filtering needs.

The device offers simplicity and space savings when compared to the traditional discrete design approaches. The device provides one power line filter (L-C-L) and 5 control line filters (R-C-R-C-R) spaced at a 0.5mm pitch to mate perfectly with your standard QFN devices.

Preliminary Datasheet: AM35 Datasheet Preliminary

Preliminary S-Parameters Available Upon Request.

Atlanta Micro