*Components in picture not to scale with each other.

Atlanta Micro offers best-in-class amplifier products designed for high dynamic range, gain flatness, low noise figure and temperature stability. With broad frequency coverage and integrated components and functions these amplifiers are designed to simplify system design and reduce system size, weight and power consumption.

Additionally, Atlanta Micro now offers all 3mm amplifiers  in an RF shielded module made of aluminum with field-replaceable SMA connectors and mounting holes. The module version of these parts are designated with a “-M” at the end (for example AM1064-M). The amplifier module is 1.2″ x 1″ x 0.6″ with SMA input and output and a feedthrough capacitor to an integrated bias tee that powers the device. These modules are ideal for lab use and/or prototype systems.

In addition to above, Atlanta Micro offers our popular bypassable amplifiers such as the AM1065 and AM1081  in the same form factor of 1.2″ x 1″ x 0.6″ with control via an external pin similar to the input voltage pin that need only be toggled between 0V and +VDD.

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Part Number FunctionFreq. (GHz)Gain (dB)NF (dB)OIP3 (dBm)Surface MountSupply (+V)P1dB (dBm)Supply (mA)Module Add to Quote
AM1016A Gain Block0.02 - 6152.5303mm QFN3.31855Yes Add To Quote
AM1016B Gain Block0.02 - 6142.3333mm QFN3.31753Yes Add To Quote
AM1018A Gain Block0.02 - 6133353mm QFN3.31885Yes Add To Quote
AM1018B Gain Block0.02 - 6133353mm QFN522120Yes Add To Quote
AM1018C Gain Block0.02 - 6132.7363mm QFN52196Yes Add To Quote
AM1025B Gain Block0.02 - 313.53.8403mm QFN5 / 821 / 2670 / 156Yes Add To Quote
AM1031C Gain Block0.02 - 8132.2323mm QFN3.31756Yes Add To Quote
AM1053 Gain Block5 - 20202.5253mm QFN3.31693Yes Add To Quote
AM1063-1 Gain BlockDC - 10152.5303mm QFN3.3 / 51837 / 74Yes Add To Quote
AM1063-2 Miniature Gain BlockDC - 10152.5301.3x2.0mm DFN3.3 / 51837 / 74No Add To Quote
AM1064-1 Gain BlockDC - 8212323mm QFN3.3 / 51836 / 73Yes Add To Quote
AM1064-2 Miniature Gain BlockDC - 8202321.3x2.0mm DFN3.3 / 51836 / 73No Add To Quote
AM1065 Bypassable Gain BlockDC - 8202.5324mm QFN3.3 / 51733 / 72Yes Add To Quote
AM1067 Bypassable Gain Block5 - 20203.5274mm QFN3.3141 / 96No Add To Quote
AM1070 Broadband Gain BlockDC - 18123273mm QFN3.31560No Add To Quote
AM1071 Broadband Gain BlockDC - 18123.5303mm QFN51670No Add To Quote
AM1073 Bidirectional / Bypassable Gain BlockDC - 8152.5274mm QFN3.31455No Add To Quote
AM1075 Bypassable Gain Block5 - 26.5184244mm QFN3.31482No Add To Quote
AM1077 Bypassable Gain Block w/ Isolation State5 - 20204254mm QFN3.31485No Add To Quote
AM1081 Bypassable Gain BlockDC - 8172.5354mm QFN3.3 / 517 / 2052 / 83Yes Add To Quote
AM1082 Gain Block5 - 17223313mm QFN520126Yes Add To Quote
AM1084-1 Gain BlockDC - 6162.3373mm QFN3.3 / 52169 / 112Yes Add To Quote
AM1084-2 Miniature Gain BlockDC - 6162.3371.3mm x 2mm DFN3.3 / 52169 / 112No Add To Quote
AM1085-1 Gain BlockDC - 6162.5353mm QFN52079Yes Add To Quote
AM1085-2 Miniature Gain BlockDC - 6162.5351.3mm x 2mm DFN52079No Add To Quote
AM1090-1 Gain BlockDC - 6202.1353mm QFN5 / 821 / 2589 / 200Yes Add To Quote
AM1090-2 Miniature Gain BlockDC - 6202.1351.3mm x 2mm DFN5 / 821 / 2589 / 200No Add To Quote
AM1163-1 Low Noise AmplifierDC - 10152303mm QFN3.3 / 516 / 2042 / 80Yes Add To Quote
AM1163-2 Miniature Low Noise AmplifierDC - 10152301.3mm x 2mm DFN3.3 / 516 / 2042 / 80No Add To Quote
AM1164-1 Low Noise AmplifierDC - 8211.5333mm QFN3.3 / 517 / 2040 / 85Yes Add To Quote
AM1164-2 Miniature Low Noise AmplifierDC - 8211.5331.3mm x 2mm DFN3.3 / 517 / 2040 / 85No Add To Quote

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