Atlanta Micro offers best-in-class amplifier products designed for high dynamic range, gain flatness, low noise figure and temperature stability. With broad frequency coverage and integrated components and functions these amplifiers are designed to simplify system design and reduce system size, weight and power consumption.

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Part Number FunctionFreq. (GHz)Gain (dB)NF (dB)OIP3 (dBm)P1dB (dBm)Supply (+V)Supply (mA)Package Add to Quote
AM1016B Gain Block0.02 - 6142.333173.3533mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1018A Gain Block0.02 - 613335183.3853mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1018B Gain Block0.02 - 6133352251203mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1018C Gain Block0.02 - 6132.736215963mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1022 Gain Block0.02 - 61322412 / 151.8 / 3.326 / 453mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1025B Gain Block0.02 - 313.53.84021 / 265 / 870 / 1563mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1031C Gain Block0.02 - 8132.232173.3563mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1053 Gain Block5 - 20202.525163.3933mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1063-1 Gain BlockDC - 10152.530183.3 / 537 / 743mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1063-2 Miniature Gain BlockDC - 10152.530183.3 / 537 / 741.3x2.0mm DFN Add To Quote
AM1064-1 Gain BlockDC - 821232183.3 / 536 / 733mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1064-2 Miniature Gain BlockDC - 820232183.3 / 536 / 731.3x2.0mm DFN Add To Quote
AM1065 Bypassable Gain BlockDC - 8202.532173.3 / 533 / 724mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1067 Bypassable Gain Block5 - 20203.527143.31 / 964mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1070 Broadband Gain BlockDC - 1812327153.3603mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1071 Broadband Gain BlockDC - 18123.530165703mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1073 Bidirectional / Bypassable Gain BlockDC - 8152.527143.3554mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1075 Bypassable Gain Block5 - 26.518424143.3824mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1077 Bypassable Gain Block w/ Isolation State5 - 2020425143.3854mm QFN Add To Quote
AM1081 Bypassable Gain BlockDC - 8172.53517 / 203.3 / 552 / 834mm QFN Add To Quote

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